Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday, 1 January 2012


In a garden amongst roses
A little daisy like flower sits
She looks in awe and amazement at her beautiful counterparts
What does it feel like to be so beautiful
To have every eye on you
People from all walks of life see you as beautiful without question
She feels invisible and an eyesore
She continues to be watered but not really nurtured
Her job is to make the roses look good
She's alright to look at, but not beautiful
One day someone decides that beauty looks like her
She is picked and taken away to the place where roses go
She's never been so she doesn't know what to expect
She is overwhelmed by this new experience
She begins to feel beautiful
Day after day she feels this way
Days turn into weeks
Weeks turn into months
Months turn into years
And that feeling begins to fade
Especially when she gets a glimpse of her reflection and sees
A daisy like flower
Never a rose


Sweet kisses all over the place
Make my heart race
Softly slowly and full of passion
They start up my engine
The feel of your hands on my skin
Cheek, ear, face and chin
Makes me feel desired
My body is on fire
Come here baby and handle the flames
Over and over and over again
I'm intoxicated by your scent
Dreamy sweet and heaven sent
Arms strong hold me close
Heart beating in time with mines
Love making love, it gets me high
Takes me away with wings I can fly
Above all the day to day routine
Living not existing and feeling free
Free to feel the ecstasy and pleasure
Makes struggle and hard work even sweeter
Thanks for the journey into the sky
I'm no longer chasing the high