Saturday, 11 August 2012

If you knew me....

If you knew me
You would know
"You have a pretty face"
is a trigger 
If you knew me 
You would know
that the above statement is not a compliment
but a confirmation that everything else about me is ugly
No one ever says Haile Berry has a pretty face
You don't have to qualify what makes her pretty
But for me it's just my face
I used to think that too
I was mistaken
What makes me pretty is my spirit
What makes me pretty is my friendship
What makes me pretty is my heart
But ALL of this can be missed if ALL you see is my "Pretty Face"
and my fat arms and short fat legs
the gap between my teeth and the freckles on my face
There is more to me than what you see
But you have to take the time to get to know me
beyond just the "Pretty Face"

What could it be?

What could it be
That attracts you to me...
Could it be my personality 
Or the fact that I'm fat
Maybe you really like that
Don't worry I won't tell
You have a reputation to protect
Or maybe you think, 'cause my esteem is so low
I will simply just go with the flow
What could it be
About this less than perfect "beauty"
That keeps you sniffing around
Is it because I'm a challenge
A notch to attain
Are you just playing a game
What could it be
When no one is looking
Maybe you just want some home cooking
From this big mama
Or comfort when you feel stressed
That's what I do best
That must be it

Built for comfort

Built for comfort, not speed
Here for those seeking good energy
When you feel sad, broken or blue
I'm the one to comfort you
Bring your worries and your stress
I'll take that burden off your back
and leave you feeling worry free
You'll walk away thanking me
I never thought it was killing me
I am helping a friend in need
That 's my role in this game
But what do I do with all your pain
Who comforts me in my time of need
I guess it's time for me to feed....

Please don't

Please don't patronize me with your "are you okay"
My body was built for disappointment and pain
Broad shoulders and big hands too
I can handle the pain I go through
I wasn't born yesterday
I don't need you to explain
That everyone does not have my best interest at heart
I figured it out
I'm pretty smart
So save your patronizing "are you okay"
It's the last thing I need to hear today!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Reason or Season

I miss the way it used to be
We could speak to each other freely
No holding back
Souls would connect
We both had each others back
But something has shifted
I'm sad to say
We just don't connect that much these days
I miss you
You miss me
We both miss the way it used to be
Feeling compelled to give you a call
when I do, there is a wall
The emptiness and sadness brings me to my knees
Crying and asking myself why
Why did this friendship have to die
Searching and looking for a reason
I guess it was meant
for just a season...