Tuesday, 15 May 2012

'Big head'

I saw him today
He looks the same
Well, maybe a little thicker
But that doesn't matter
My heart still did a pitter patter
There was a sparkle in his eyes as they met mines
And his smile was the same
Made me smile
And remember the times we spent together
Butterflies and giggles
And passionate kisses
Then I remembered, he had a misses
My heart was broken, in too many pieces
He made me weak
I couldn't sleep
Never thought I'd make it through
He gave me the blues
That was a lifetime ago
We've both moved on
But he was the first to have my heart
And there will always be a spark.....

First Crush

Thinking about my first crush today
I would see him almost everyday
Commuting back and forth
In a pleasant way
The smell of the harbor
Beautiful ocean views
I noticed him noticing me
I noticed him too
'Big head' was my name for him
Hmmmm he never knew
It started out sweet
A friendly hi, how are you?
Days turned to weeks
We would often speak
I looked forward to seeing him
His cute face
And sweet grin
Oh and he had the prettiest skin
Beautiful and smooth
Sweet like dark chocolate
I began to crave him
Breath him
See him
Couldn't get enough of him
He liked me too
We kissed and it was like heaven
Wow it's been a long time since I've seen him
Wonder if he thinks of me too....

Friday, 4 May 2012


Alone in a room created for me
I can embrace the real Dawny
The one who loves passionately
Creating works of art boldly
Letting the paint and brush possess me
Listening to the spirit freely
I'm an instrument use me
Amazed at the work before me
I know that when I let go the spirit will guide me
The work will start to flow freely
Inspired by the elements around me
I continue to count my blessings
Time to paint....