Saturday, 30 April 2011


Today I'm in a good place
Today I have a smile on my face
Today I welcomed passion into my space
Passion for all I hold dear to me
My family and friends
My art and poetry
Today I'm feeling free
Today darkness is no longer with me


I have a gift that's been given to me
This gift means the world to me
It bears an awesome responsibility
A blessing
A lesson
No time for guessing
I must embrace this gift with haste
There is no more time to waste
Time to pick up the pace
Look my fears in the face
It's my destiny
My trials
My fears
Keep testing me
And testing me
Until I fulfill my destiny


She tires hiding behind the smile
She tires pretending everything is okay
Darkness is back again
Friends have run away
Why is she here again
She has been a comforter
But there's no one there to comfort her
Tears well up in her eyes
She takes deep breaths
She cries and sighs
Overwhelmed by what needs to be
She wants happiness
The need to feel free
Free of the cross she bears
She has carried it for many years
It hinders her and buries her with fears
She cries out but nobody hears
She's the one that cares
She's the one that shares
But never her fears
Always there for others
Never learned to let others
Be there for her
Say a prayer for her
Prayers are great for her

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I heard someone say
She found her voice today
Got the feeling it wasn't okay

You see she's the one who smiles on the outside
And cries on the inside
Pretends everything is okay

Doesn't like to ruffle others feathers
A people pleaser
But people don't please her

Ever dream?
Ever scream?
Ever scream in your dream?
And never hear your voice?

Now remember how frustrating that was
You had fear
But words you could not hear

This has been her reality
For too many years
Too many tears
Too many fears

Time to stop hiding
Time to stop compromising

You should never dim your light
So others can shine
You should never let others change your spirit
You have a voice
Let the world hear it!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Thank you

Thank you
and not fear
Thank you
Showing Me
What love between
Man and wife looks like
It's no longer a fairy tale
This IS real
and Passion
I feel
Thanks to you
came true.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Today I cried...

Today I witnessed GENIUS
Today I felt a connection
Words so
Today I had words
and no words
Today I had laughter
Today I had tears
Today I reached out
and was touched in return by
Today I witnessed the
Joy and
Passion associated with
Today I cried

Monday, 4 April 2011

First kiss

Her first kiss tasted like warm beer
She liked it
She wanted more
And more she got
But just a kiss
Her virginity was something she was saving
Beer tasting kisses would be the only thing she's craving

Funny thing is this first kiss
came from the guy that teased her in school
makin' fun of the big old gap in her teeth
She retaliated by makin' fun of his big old soup cooling lips
Those same lips that would someday touch hers
With the taste of warm beer
That taste she would crave

Soon an invite to his place would come
No parents just us
This was the moment of truth
Cause she knew what would happen if she
Followed through with his request
The decision was easier to make than she thought
See she had no transportation
And an invitation to "trouble"
Her answer was no
And her future calls to him went unanswered

At least a decade and a half goes by
It's a good thing she said no to his request
Cause now he has been laid to rest
Not natural causes
Or cancer
But H I V
To think that coulda been me

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Crown and glory

The first time I did it I was brave
Kinda cause I could still curl it with heat
The response to my new look was good
Was it good cause I felt good
Was it good cause I looked good
Why do I care so much what others think
It's my hair
It's just hair
It'll grow back
Going natural
Embracing my curls
It feels like I'm naked
I did it
Can't be undone
I am amazed by all the energy around it all
So much support
I love it
I feel free and easy
No more fussing
No more primping
Yeah I did it!

Saturday ritual

Sun shining in on red linoleum floors freshly mopped
Chairs seat side down on top of the old kitchen table
Leontyne Price or Jesse Norman in the background
Happiness fills the air
Her Saturday ritual

On top of the high boy an ashtray with remnants of KOOLS or Virginia Slims
Next to the ashtray a glass with  scotch on the rocks
She sings and I feel
Happiness in the air
Her Saturday ritual

Taking refuge behind the walls of her home
Making the best of the little she has
Beautifying her space
She takes pride in her place
I love the smile I see on her face
Happiness is in the air
Her Saturday ritual

Almost forgot this feeling
Until I opened the windows
And felt the fresh morning air
Norman Brown playing in the background
Happiness is in the air
My Saturday morning ritual