Monday, 17 December 2012


No longer sad or blue
ANGRY for the pain the shooter put us through
How in the world can we go through our day
When mothers and fathers lost their babies in this FUCKED UP way
I want to SCREAM
For ALL the victims
Living and dead
The tragedy is this won't be the end
More innocent people will lose their lives
Because the right to have a gun
Trumps crazy

Thursday, 6 December 2012

In the Spirit

A spiritual being
Being human
A human being searching the spirit
Spiritual comfort
A familiar place
A quiet space
Alone with only thoughts
and the sounds of nature
Birds chirping
Waves crashing
The smell of the ocean breeze
The sounds that comfort me
No music
No words
Just silence
The sound of my breathing
I can think
The chaos is gone
It becomes clear
I am home
Alone with my thoughts
One with the spirit
I can breath....

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I love to watch
I love watching people 
watch people
Mesmerized by 
I love to watch you
Watch them
I see the gears turning in your head
I love to watch people
Everyday people
Doing everyday things
There is beauty in the everyday routine
I love to watch 
What will my next
Be ?

Friday, 9 November 2012


I have watched you grow 
Blossom and bloom
Magical visions like a sonic boom
It's a beautiful thing to see
Your confidence and look of glee
You have come so far my love
Your talent and ability are gifts from above
Now you can finally see
All the things that you can be
People admire you 
You seem surprised
Why wouldn't they 
You are a prize
You have grown through SO many test
YES, YOU my dear 
You ARE the BEST

For my ♥

Monday, 5 November 2012

My Love/Our Love

4 am and I'm hungry
I reach for you softly
Nibbles on your ear
Tongue resting on your neck
Nibbles turn to bites
Fire and passion overflowing
We start in slow motion
Hearts beating in unison
I breathe in YOU
YOU breathe in ME
Slowly reaching the point of ecstasy
You still do it to me and for me
4 pm and my smile is a reminder of what we STILL have
My Love, Our Love Grows deeper each day!

Sunday, 28 October 2012


She smiles big so no one will see the broken heart she bears

She’s cried so many tears

She’s carried painful memories for years

Dreaming of the day she will finally feel free

Happy just to BE

Stop trying to be good enough

It’s been painful and rough

When the first man you love, makes you feel you’re not good enough

Who else will give a damn

Are you worthy of a good man

When that man finally comes your way

Will you give him the time of day

Or will you make him pay

For the pain of a broken relationship

Protecting yourself from hardship

Or will you give yourself a chance

Are you able to be romanced

Let a man be a man

Let him hold your hand

Wipe away your tears

Comfort you through your fears

Stop pushing him away

He is here to stay

So please don’t make him pay

He’s a blessing in every way

He treats you like a queen

So stop being mean

Or you’ll lose the best thing you’ve ever had

Don’t make him pay for your dad

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Back again

The look I missed
I saw today
It came in a quiet subtle way
A cool hush
That made me blush
I feel alive
I've been revived
Because I know
I have the power
To feel like I'm the woman of the hour
The look I missed
I saw today
I'll do my best to make it stay

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Make Love to me

Put your hands on me baby
Do what I like
Put your hands on me baby
I'm in the mood for passion tonight
Put your hands on me baby
Start real slow
Kiss me baby
from head to toe
Hold me close
Wanna feel your body next to mine
Taste me baby
I'm sweet as wine
Nibble on my ears
you know what I like
Make love to me baby
I'm in the mood for passion tonight.

Friday, 5 October 2012

I love...

I love our easy conversation
The way we sometimes never speak
I love it when I look at you
The way that our eyes meet
I love it when I hold your hand
And trace every print and line
Those hands are strong and powerful
yet gentle at the same time
I love that it's been nearly 20 years
since the time we would first meet
I love it when I think of you
and my heart still skips a beat
I love the way we've grown together
every pound and gray hair
I love that we have a good home
And I feel safe whenever you're near
I love the life you've made for us
I'm grateful everyday
I love that we have a beautiful child
A blessing in every way
I love you more and more each day
So happy that you're mine
Our love is strong and powerful
It will stand the test of time.

Sunday, 30 September 2012


Inspired to write and celebrate
The beauty of 
and THEATRE too
Necessities of a fulfilled life
Comforts through pain and strife
I want to paint and celebrate color
Use my talents from God whom I honor
Never leaves me feeling alone
Finding strength and vision to carry on
I want to celebrate positively
ALL the people who have inspired me
Giving thanks for meeting you
I have strength to make it through
Looking at life with brand new eyes
The possibilities are endless and it makes me cry
I feel so blessed in every way
Counting my blessings everyday

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Used to think I had to hear it everyday
Used to think it looked a certain way
There's no more denying
Can leave you heartbroken and crying
Looks different throughout time
Has you always on my mind
A verb and a noun
Feels so strong when you're around
When two hearts meet as one
When we don't make a sound
When your hand touches mine
We've had it all the time
Hearing your heart beat
Gives me comfort as I sleep
Warm hugs and sweet kisses
You're the one I've been blessed with
My cup runneth over....

Saturday, 11 August 2012

If you knew me....

If you knew me
You would know
"You have a pretty face"
is a trigger 
If you knew me 
You would know
that the above statement is not a compliment
but a confirmation that everything else about me is ugly
No one ever says Haile Berry has a pretty face
You don't have to qualify what makes her pretty
But for me it's just my face
I used to think that too
I was mistaken
What makes me pretty is my spirit
What makes me pretty is my friendship
What makes me pretty is my heart
But ALL of this can be missed if ALL you see is my "Pretty Face"
and my fat arms and short fat legs
the gap between my teeth and the freckles on my face
There is more to me than what you see
But you have to take the time to get to know me
beyond just the "Pretty Face"

What could it be?

What could it be
That attracts you to me...
Could it be my personality 
Or the fact that I'm fat
Maybe you really like that
Don't worry I won't tell
You have a reputation to protect
Or maybe you think, 'cause my esteem is so low
I will simply just go with the flow
What could it be
About this less than perfect "beauty"
That keeps you sniffing around
Is it because I'm a challenge
A notch to attain
Are you just playing a game
What could it be
When no one is looking
Maybe you just want some home cooking
From this big mama
Or comfort when you feel stressed
That's what I do best
That must be it

Built for comfort

Built for comfort, not speed
Here for those seeking good energy
When you feel sad, broken or blue
I'm the one to comfort you
Bring your worries and your stress
I'll take that burden off your back
and leave you feeling worry free
You'll walk away thanking me
I never thought it was killing me
I am helping a friend in need
That 's my role in this game
But what do I do with all your pain
Who comforts me in my time of need
I guess it's time for me to feed....

Please don't

Please don't patronize me with your "are you okay"
My body was built for disappointment and pain
Broad shoulders and big hands too
I can handle the pain I go through
I wasn't born yesterday
I don't need you to explain
That everyone does not have my best interest at heart
I figured it out
I'm pretty smart
So save your patronizing "are you okay"
It's the last thing I need to hear today!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Reason or Season

I miss the way it used to be
We could speak to each other freely
No holding back
Souls would connect
We both had each others back
But something has shifted
I'm sad to say
We just don't connect that much these days
I miss you
You miss me
We both miss the way it used to be
Feeling compelled to give you a call
when I do, there is a wall
The emptiness and sadness brings me to my knees
Crying and asking myself why
Why did this friendship have to die
Searching and looking for a reason
I guess it was meant
for just a season...

Monday, 16 July 2012

Fat girl

I saw you whisper
She's fat
No shit
I'm fat
And on the beach
Wearing a bathing suit
Not cut off's and a Tshirt
A bathing suit
Pluz size
Big thighs
Close your eyes
I'm tired of hiding
This IS me
Every curve and dimple
Get use to it
It's hot
I plan on rocking this look
All effin summer
Peace out

Sunday, 15 July 2012

For My Love

Hey baby...
I was just thinking about the first time I saw you...
You had that Al. B Sure, Christopher Williams look...
Tall and bright
My "type"
Moustache and dimples
Oh and that smile....
Sexy, cute and crooked...
Yup crooked....
But it looks good.... on you
I love seeing you smile...
It makes me smile too...
and remember what falling in love feels like....
I'm smiling now as I write this...
I reminisce.....
Of our first trip....
Holding hands, giggles and fun
All under the Florida sun...
Shopping and dinning and making love...
We had so much fun
I remember the way you used to look at me...
It made me so happy....
I saw that look today
Still in Love

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Passion II

looks me straight in the face
calls out my name
over and over again
gives me permission to feel
everything that is real
kisses me on the neck
nibbles on my ears
tells me what I want to hear
grabs my hands and explores my desires
traces my deepest emotions
lets me know I am alive
gives me goosebumps at the slightest touch
I can't get enough
thanks for visiting me
I love your company
I wait for you again
you always return to me
because I AM PASSION

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Love struck

Heart racing
Lip biting
Ride into ecstasy
Toe curling
Hair pulling
Mmmmmmm baby give it to me
So much passion with every touch
The thought of you makes me blush
And gives me a rush
Like a school girl with a crush
Corny I know
What can I say
I smile when I think of the day
I saw you for the first time
Wow still blows my mind
I was in a funk
Love sick and heart broken
Feelin depressed and no words were spoken
Than from the corner of my eyes
I spotted what looked like a prize
Tall light and handsome
With a mustache too
Tryna be cool by not staring at you
But I felt a sigh of relief
Thinkin life is a funny thing
Just when I thought.
I'd never love again
There you were, perhaps we can be friends
A few months go by
And I think about you
Wondering are you thinkin about me too
Than the call comes
Again I sigh with relief
We set a date
I can't wait to meet and greet
To chat and chew
To find out what's up with you
The day has arrived
And I'm nervous as can be
Will there be any awkward moments between you and me
Eighteen years later
And still in love with you
Can't imagine my life without you
Through thick and thin
Ups and downs
Love and loss
And parenting our child
There is nothin I would change
It unfolded as it should
Some things bad and some things good
You are a blessing I can't say it enough
Everything you do
And everyone you touch
Is better for having met you
There's no doubt about our love for you
I can look at you now and still feel pride
That man is mine and he's so fine
Beautiful, from the inside out
Still loves me even when I pout
and act like a brat
You still have my back
What have I done to deserve such luck
Amazed by this man
He's got me love struck

Monday, 4 June 2012

Today's Affirmation

I may not be
your image of beauty
the perfect size whateva
I may not be
the prettiest girl
with skin that's high yella
I struggled with this
for many years
blinded by my own beauty
with tears
I am BIG
I LOVE every freckle and blemish
I really do
I can't be a better me
If I don't love what I see
and it starts with me
Working from the inside out...

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

'Big head'

I saw him today
He looks the same
Well, maybe a little thicker
But that doesn't matter
My heart still did a pitter patter
There was a sparkle in his eyes as they met mines
And his smile was the same
Made me smile
And remember the times we spent together
Butterflies and giggles
And passionate kisses
Then I remembered, he had a misses
My heart was broken, in too many pieces
He made me weak
I couldn't sleep
Never thought I'd make it through
He gave me the blues
That was a lifetime ago
We've both moved on
But he was the first to have my heart
And there will always be a spark.....

First Crush

Thinking about my first crush today
I would see him almost everyday
Commuting back and forth
In a pleasant way
The smell of the harbor
Beautiful ocean views
I noticed him noticing me
I noticed him too
'Big head' was my name for him
Hmmmm he never knew
It started out sweet
A friendly hi, how are you?
Days turned to weeks
We would often speak
I looked forward to seeing him
His cute face
And sweet grin
Oh and he had the prettiest skin
Beautiful and smooth
Sweet like dark chocolate
I began to crave him
Breath him
See him
Couldn't get enough of him
He liked me too
We kissed and it was like heaven
Wow it's been a long time since I've seen him
Wonder if he thinks of me too....

Friday, 4 May 2012


Alone in a room created for me
I can embrace the real Dawny
The one who loves passionately
Creating works of art boldly
Letting the paint and brush possess me
Listening to the spirit freely
I'm an instrument use me
Amazed at the work before me
I know that when I let go the spirit will guide me
The work will start to flow freely
Inspired by the elements around me
I continue to count my blessings
Time to paint....

Monday, 30 April 2012

Love is in the air

I wanna walk on the beach
and feel the sand between my toes
Smell the salty ocean in the air
Feel the summer breeze in my hair
I wanna hear the waves crashing
See the moonlight dancing
Make love under the stars
For hours and hours
I wanna celebrate life
Right here in paradise
I'm in the mood for love <3

Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's Springtime

It's Springtime
and Love is in the air
It's so undeniably clear
'cause I can't stop smilin'
when I think of you
Hopin' you feel the same way too
We've had our ups
We've had our downs
My heart still smiles when you're around
Almost two decades
It's hard to believe
You've watched me grow
You've watched me grieve
An emotional roller coaster
A challenging ride
All these years you've been by my side
A true friend
My Love
My Sweet
It was destined that our hearts would meet
I AM in LOVE with YOU
It feels GOOD
Like Spring time in Paris

Monday, 26 March 2012


I was seduced by the star on stage
The popular one
The one I was the least like
The one who has such a GREAT life
I was blind and naive
Thought that I needed to belong
I had to be in the CIRCLE
I found the circle is too small
There's no room for me
Not the real ME
Only what I want them to see
But I no longer feel FREE
So what GOOD is this CIRCLE
If I can't be ME
I listen to the rhetoric
I give support
I've got their back
But this is not reciprocated
Friendship built on conditions
But I'm doing ALL the giving
It's suddenly ALL clear
I have no need to be here
In this so called CIRCLE
Designed by the star on stage
But that's okay
Because I too am a star
No longer your understudy
A lesson well learned
My Star status I too have earned
But not because you validated me
It's because I finally see
Everything I thought I couldn't be
Has ALWAYS been inside of ME

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Diva Blue

Goldenrod introduced me to you
My Peacock Sista
Mz. Diva Blue
I knew I would know you
I feel like I owe you
Writing is now a new passion for me
It started with "Silence" sweet tranquility
and "Utopia" and "Lovestruck" to name a few
I feel like a poet and I wanna thank you
For sharing "Blush" and your grandmothers words, "Write it all down.
You'll never know who'll read it or need it."
Those words are so true, they helped me to feel free
Free to unleash the poet in me
Getting in touch with my emotions
and feeling your spirit across the ocean
This has been a long time coming
So when I say welcome home, it rings true
I feel I've a genuine friend in you
I love you my Peacock Sista
Mz. Diva Blue

Dawny B

Saturday, 10 March 2012


I used to think I was the lucky one
One of those girls never validated by the patriarchs in her life until....
HE came along
So different from what I'm used to
My knight in shinning armor
THAN I'll be happy
RIGHT! RIGHT! right?
Had to learn the hard way
Happiness comes from WITHIN
STILL learning that
Heard it before
But what can I say I'm a slow learner

Monday, 13 February 2012


I have the urge to write
To pick up a pen and take a bite
Sinking my teeth into my emotions
Pinning them down when I'm not feeling quite right
I have the urge to share
Someone will read it
Someone will care
Feeling like I'm on the verge
I have to sort
I have to purge
Something inside has got to give
I wanna feel free
I wanna live
Hindered by this shell of skin
Frustrated cause I feel I can't win
I have the urge to write
To pick up a pen and not fight
Dealing with my emotions
Not turning away but facing them day by day
I have the urge to write
To pick up a pen and take a bite
Whenever I feel sad, lonely or blue
I'll pick up a pen again and again
Writing it out will help a lot
No need to shout
I'll write it out
I have the urge to write
To pick up a pen and not fight
Using my emotions as a healing tool
I can win when I make my own rules
I have the urge to write....

Friday, 10 February 2012

Tina C

Attracted to that bad ass exterior
I know SHE doesn't feel inferior
Dressed in layers and layers of clothes
She doesn't want to be exposed
Carrying the pain of her past
How long will this tough exterior last
I see a light in her eyes
I've seen her when she cries
A different side exposed
Does she realize the power she holds
She is a gentle yet powerful soul
Beyond that bad ass exterior
The spirit reigns Superior
I've seen the light in her eyes
I feel her pain when she cries
She has transformed before my eyes
Strong but gentle and very wise!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Visit

I had a visitor today
She came in a peaceful quiet way
All graceful and beautiful too
She wore the prettiest Periwinkle blue
I saw her from a distance and she made me smile
Sadness left me
I feel much better now
I had a visitor today
She came in a peaceful quiet way
Always a reminder when I'm feeling 'blue'
Just a glimpse of her and I will make it through
Blue can be sad or sometimes dark
But Periwinkle blue has a hopeful spark
My visitor came dressed in blue
I feel happy, and hopeful
I  WILL make it through

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday, 1 January 2012


In a garden amongst roses
A little daisy like flower sits
She looks in awe and amazement at her beautiful counterparts
What does it feel like to be so beautiful
To have every eye on you
People from all walks of life see you as beautiful without question
She feels invisible and an eyesore
She continues to be watered but not really nurtured
Her job is to make the roses look good
She's alright to look at, but not beautiful
One day someone decides that beauty looks like her
She is picked and taken away to the place where roses go
She's never been so she doesn't know what to expect
She is overwhelmed by this new experience
She begins to feel beautiful
Day after day she feels this way
Days turn into weeks
Weeks turn into months
Months turn into years
And that feeling begins to fade
Especially when she gets a glimpse of her reflection and sees
A daisy like flower
Never a rose


Sweet kisses all over the place
Make my heart race
Softly slowly and full of passion
They start up my engine
The feel of your hands on my skin
Cheek, ear, face and chin
Makes me feel desired
My body is on fire
Come here baby and handle the flames
Over and over and over again
I'm intoxicated by your scent
Dreamy sweet and heaven sent
Arms strong hold me close
Heart beating in time with mines
Love making love, it gets me high
Takes me away with wings I can fly
Above all the day to day routine
Living not existing and feeling free
Free to feel the ecstasy and pleasure
Makes struggle and hard work even sweeter
Thanks for the journey into the sky
I'm no longer chasing the high