Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Love struck

Heart racing
Lip biting
Ride into ecstasy
Toe curling
Hair pulling
Mmmmmmm baby give it to me
So much passion with every touch
The thought of you makes me blush
And gives me a rush
Like a school girl with a crush
Corny I know
What can I say
I smile when I think of the day
I saw you for the first time
Wow still blows my mind
I was in a funk
Love sick and heart broken
Feelin depressed and no words were spoken
Than from the corner of my eyes
I spotted what looked like a prize
Tall light and handsome
With a mustache too
Tryna be cool by not staring at you
But I felt a sigh of relief
Thinkin life is a funny thing
Just when I thought.
I'd never love again
There you were, perhaps we can be friends
A few months go by
And I think about you
Wondering are you thinkin about me too
Than the call comes
Again I sigh with relief
We set a date
I can't wait to meet and greet
To chat and chew
To find out what's up with you
The day has arrived
And I'm nervous as can be
Will there be any awkward moments between you and me
Eighteen years later
And still in love with you
Can't imagine my life without you
Through thick and thin
Ups and downs
Love and loss
And parenting our child
There is nothin I would change
It unfolded as it should
Some things bad and some things good
You are a blessing I can't say it enough
Everything you do
And everyone you touch
Is better for having met you
There's no doubt about our love for you
I can look at you now and still feel pride
That man is mine and he's so fine
Beautiful, from the inside out
Still loves me even when I pout
and act like a brat
You still have my back
What have I done to deserve such luck
Amazed by this man
He's got me love struck

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