Thursday, 31 March 2011


Why am I looking at something I can't have
Why am I torturing myself this way
Drawn like a moth to a flame
A desire never quenched
My apetit for something other than what I have
This seems to be a constant struggle
A reoccurring theme
What does it all mean
What's the lesson in this
Will I ever have pure bliss
Satisfaction with what is in front of me
Not always craving the fruit from another tree
Why is my apetit insatiable
Perhaps these cravings are natural
Hmmmmm food for thought.....

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Yesterday I smiled brighter
Yesterday I lived in the moment
Yesterday I was surrounded by love
Yesterday I was surrounded positively
Yesterday sparked my creativity
Yesterday I marked the path to my new reality
Yesterday I saw my dreams come true
Thank you.......

Friday, 25 March 2011


Picture the sunniest days
The bluest skies
And the prettiest eyes
A smile as bright as sunshine
With the personality to match
A heart as pure as gold
And all the love your hand and heart can hold
This is Leah
The baby of the Anderson clan
But only biologically
Cause she's always been like a little mommy
To Shawny and Dawny who love and adore her
Even though we came before her
Everyone thought she was older than us
Loves us so much
even when we fuss
Over hair and clothes
And only heaven knows
She's always had her own unique style
Pink mohawk
Combat boots and kilts
And long lean legs like stilts
A vision of beauty
And loveliness
even when her hair is a mess
To have her in your life
You are truly blessed

This is for you sunshine,  my sweet sister Leah Beatrice Mello. You have been through so much in the past few days. Even through adversity you manage to smile. You are a good example of perseverance. May God continue to bless you and give you peace during your time of loss.
                  R.I.P. Baby Hunter Mello <3 <3 <3

Thursday, 24 March 2011

I use to

I wanted to be a dancer
I wanted to feel light
I wanted to feel free
I wanted to be a graceful beauty
Sitting for hours in front of the tv
Admiring Debbie Allen's choreography
Wanting to have FAME
Wanting everyone to know my name
Pause play
Pause play
Over and over everyday
Getting those routines down
To afraid to take this path
My body isn't quite right
The inner desire
Doesn't match the outward attire
Legs too short
Thighs too thick
I'm no skinny stick
This dream is too far fetched
So for now
I'll admire from afar
Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul
But in my heart
I'm still a dancer......

I found....

I AM an artist
Searching for my muse
Searching for a way to express myself
Searching for a way to connect to the human spirit
I want my work to evoke emotion
To make an impact
I AM an artist
I pick up my brushes
I stretch my own canvas
I choose my colors
I am drawn to the bright ones
I AM an artist
An emotional creature
Often thinking this is a bad feature
Drowning in overwhelming emotions
Depression and defeat
I often retreat
Leaving my canvas empty
Something I do well
I found my voice
The voice of the little girl inside
Always trying to hide
Afraid of expressing herself
Feeling she's not good enough
She has emerged
She has broken from her shell
She has a voice now
She has seen a light
She has seen her womanly image
She's here now
No more retreating
She finishes
The Art she creates
When she steps to the plate
No paints or brushes
But the same emotions
She has found her voice
She has found another medium
She has found poetry
It has saved her from self destruction
It has united the girl and the woman
I found.......

Sunday, 20 March 2011


I call her my china and glass sista
The Barbizon School of modeling sista
You know the finer things in life sista
So glad she's in my life sista
My second momma
My protector
My provider
The sista that pinches the face
Of everyone in her space
The sista with every hair in place
The sista with the beautiful face
And her heart is always in the right place
When it comes to the people she loves
She goes above and beyond
Cooking and baking and sharing her food
With everyone in her hood
And damn it's always so good

This is a little something I wrote for my big sister Tracey. Tracey thank you for stepping in and helping mommy when we were little. Thanks for all the hair bows you bought from Woman's shop and all the pretty dresses for Sunday school. Thanks for the ice cream sandwiches from Mr. Twist. I love you forever <3. Asha you are blessed to have her.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The beauty of two....

The beauty of two
in this life together
Me and you fearing the best and worst weather
Joys and pain
Heartache and loss
Giggles and tears
And facing our fears
Falling in love
And separation
Constant struggles towards education
Juggling wife and mommy too
Always thankful I have you
In my corner and ready to attack
Anyone at my back
Sometimes words can't convey
All the emotions I feel some days
I look at you and I'm okay
All my fears fade away
There's a face I see
Looking back at me
It looks familiar
Makes me feel safe
I'm fighting back tears
Cause I can't imagine this place
Without you in my space
Thank you for choosing me
I guess it was our destiny
To be in this life together
The beauty of two....
ME and YOU....

This is for Shawny, my womb mate, BFF, comforter, protector and my soft place to fall. I LOVE YOU FOREVER <3

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Missing you....

I quiver as I feel the warmth of your fingertips at the small of my back
You know, that spot that makes me hot
Please don't stop
Please don't stop
Those eyes that pierce the very soul
Those eyes so sexy so bold
Undressing me with every blink
Your coy smile
Your sexy wink
Mmmmm and the smell of lynx
I love the way you nibble my ears
And kiss my neck
And back
Please don't stop
Please don't stop
Got me melting like candy
Got me breathing heavy
Missing you like crazy
Can't wait to see my baby
These arms long to embrace you
These lips long to kiss you
Did I tell you I miss you.....


The sweet fragrance of freesia blowin' in de air
There's something magical about this time of year
Windows open
Curtains blowin'
Feelin' de breeze blowing on de back of my knees
Barefoot in freshly cut grass
Playin marbles and ace gurl is kickin my ass
Cinnamon and thyme floating in de breeze
Damn I can't wait to greeze
on hot cross buns and fishcakes too
Oh wait don't forget de colored tissue
Time to make a kite and watch it soar high
Amongst many others dotting de sky
Yes oh yes another tradition
Making a kite in de kitchen
Of brown paper bag and fennel sticks
It might fly or take some licks
I love de traditions in BDA
and wouldn't have it any other way.....

Friday, 11 March 2011

I love......

The smell of pretzels and subways
The honk of horns this way and that way
Neon lights at Radio City
The tree at the Rock lookin' so pretty
I'm in love with this city
Excited like the first time and feeling giddy
I was four when we first met
That very day I'll never forget
Buildings as tall as can be
These beautiful sites were all sumptin' to see
The towers were twins like Shawny and me
The statue we saw when we traveled by sea
The hotel we stayed at was the Piccadilly
My heart is racing when I think of this place
The thought of it brings a smile to my face
This is my city I'm staking my claim
My love of her is still the same
Thirty six years later and this is my mission
Visiting her will be my tradition
Dates with broadway and MoMA too
Walking up and down the avenues
Feeling free and ready to explore
Taking a trip to the Apple store
And  FAO Schwarz
With little mama
One day I hope to stay at the Plaza
But for now the "Met" will do
No complaints, she's beautiful too...

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Statuesque, freckled face
Woman with style and grace
Strong, fearless and bold
Enjoyed the stories she told
Of courting and dating and being in love
now she looks down from above
I often reflect on our time together
Who woulda thought I could never
Go to her with my stories of love
Hold her hand when I'd had enough
This world is crazy
I struggle at times
It's so hard and sometimes I cry
The feeling of emptiness
Without her by my side
Than I stop and pull it together
I look at her and I remember
She had her struggles and I saw her cry
But she never gave up
And worked hard to provide
A beautiful life for her boys and girls
She did it all
She showed us the world
My love of the arts and travel too
I'm living her dream
And she knew
All of her children would be okay
She cleared the path
She paved the way
Like a peacock I'm filled with pride
I have her strength and I will survive

This is dedicated to my Mother
Sylvia Aniece Burgess Place Anderson
Rest in Peace my Beautiful Queen

Monday, 7 March 2011

I'm so over.....

I'm so over
side way glances
second guesses
taking chances
blaming myself
for the " handicap"
Why can't we all accept
there is no blueprint with this child
warms my heart to see her smile
or hear her laugh
And watch her dance
And prance
And paint and draw
The joy of learning is what I saw
" I'm not broken"
I heard her say
All the crying I did yesterday
Was it for me?

March 7th 2011

Sunday, 6 March 2011


Peaceful tranquil silence
Alone, but not lonely
Able to finish a thought, a sentence without interruption
Working on being the best ME I can be
No guilt
No timetable
No deadline
No rush
Process it all
Peaceful tranquil silence
Alone, but not lonely
Able to listen to songs of yesterday
Feeling the optimism and excitement of dreams to be conquered
The innocence of childhood
Living in this moment and loving every bit of it
No guilt
No timetable
No deadline
No rush
Process it all
Peaceful tranquil silence
Alone, but not lonely
Re-charging my battery
Taking time for ME
Able to smile and count my blessings
Not being overwhelmed by what needs to be
You see it's not until you stop to smell the flowers
That you realize this journey in life you chose
Every step and misstep has a purpose
You are here
You have a purpose
You give love
You deserve love
You deserve time for you
Peaceful tranquil silence
Alone, but not lonely
Able to love ME

Dawnette Belton   Feb. 15th 2011


As the rain beats against my window pane I think of you
Is it rainin' outside your window too
Do you have the same hunger as me
Waking at 1 am, 2 am and now 3
Can't get you outta my system or my mind
Thinkin' bout you all the time
It's rainin'  outside my window and I am thinkin'  bout you
Wonderin are you thinkin of me too
Who's holdin' and carassin' and keepin' you warm
Who's shelterin' you from the winter storm
Do you have the same hunger as me at 1 am, 2am and now 3.....

February 25, 2011


Smoke filled
Jazz playing
Poetry reading
Den of creativity
A place where I can be Me
Surrounded by like minded people
Looking for my artistic equal
Pretty ones
Funky artsy ones
Bold creative ones
Intellectually stimulating ones
Natural hair wearing ones
Sandal wearing ones
Movie making ones
Music playing ones
Dancing ones
Prancing ones
No sitting on the side line ones
Has a role to play
Come with me
Into Utopia...

Dawny B
March 1st 2011