Thursday, 17 March 2011


The sweet fragrance of freesia blowin' in de air
There's something magical about this time of year
Windows open
Curtains blowin'
Feelin' de breeze blowing on de back of my knees
Barefoot in freshly cut grass
Playin marbles and ace gurl is kickin my ass
Cinnamon and thyme floating in de breeze
Damn I can't wait to greeze
on hot cross buns and fishcakes too
Oh wait don't forget de colored tissue
Time to make a kite and watch it soar high
Amongst many others dotting de sky
Yes oh yes another tradition
Making a kite in de kitchen
Of brown paper bag and fennel sticks
It might fly or take some licks
I love de traditions in BDA
and wouldn't have it any other way.....


  1. Cute... and I love the pictures you've used to illustrate your "put some spring in my step" poem.