Saturday, 19 March 2011

The beauty of two....

The beauty of two
in this life together
Me and you fearing the best and worst weather
Joys and pain
Heartache and loss
Giggles and tears
And facing our fears
Falling in love
And separation
Constant struggles towards education
Juggling wife and mommy too
Always thankful I have you
In my corner and ready to attack
Anyone at my back
Sometimes words can't convey
All the emotions I feel some days
I look at you and I'm okay
All my fears fade away
There's a face I see
Looking back at me
It looks familiar
Makes me feel safe
I'm fighting back tears
Cause I can't imagine this place
Without you in my space
Thank you for choosing me
I guess it was our destiny
To be in this life together
The beauty of two....
ME and YOU....

This is for Shawny, my womb mate, BFF, comforter, protector and my soft place to fall. I LOVE YOU FOREVER <3


  1. You are each others walking reflection of each other, two beautiful beings.

  2. Aw, thanks Michelle! That's my girl... :-)

  3. Beautiful Dawny and to think I probably knew you back in the day in the yellow dresses. lol