Friday, 11 March 2011

I love......

The smell of pretzels and subways
The honk of horns this way and that way
Neon lights at Radio City
The tree at the Rock lookin' so pretty
I'm in love with this city
Excited like the first time and feeling giddy
I was four when we first met
That very day I'll never forget
Buildings as tall as can be
These beautiful sites were all sumptin' to see
The towers were twins like Shawny and me
The statue we saw when we traveled by sea
The hotel we stayed at was the Piccadilly
My heart is racing when I think of this place
The thought of it brings a smile to my face
This is my city I'm staking my claim
My love of her is still the same
Thirty six years later and this is my mission
Visiting her will be my tradition
Dates with broadway and MoMA too
Walking up and down the avenues
Feeling free and ready to explore
Taking a trip to the Apple store
And  FAO Schwarz
With little mama
One day I hope to stay at the Plaza
But for now the "Met" will do
No complaints, she's beautiful too...


  1. We must go there one day Cuz and catch a few plays.

  2. Yes that would be nice, a long weekend......