Sunday, 15 December 2013

Feels like...

Feels like springtime
You're on my mind
In the middle of the day
I smile
and reminisce
Think of your kiss
Joyful bliss
Distractions dismissed
I feel Happy
can't stop smiling
The sun is shining
and I am in love
feels like the first time...

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I was a prisoner of my own making
I believed the things I heard about me
I could see how they began to manifest in my life
Cycles of fear, depression and guilt

Everything I say, do, eat and wear is as a result of MY choices
Choices based on the things I believed about me
The old tapes play over and over
Until I pulled them out
Unwound them
Trashed them
And created a New reality
A new Vision for me
A healthy start
Body and
I am aware of the power I hold
I determine who I am
I am a HEALTHY woman
I am celebrating the new me
I feel FREE
Tastes as good as

Thursday, 8 August 2013


What's the magic number
How many times do you open your heart before it breaks again
How long before your painted on smile starts to fade away
My spirit is at war when it should be at peace
The sunshine has turned into a Tropical Beast
Darkness and rain
Envy and pain
Things will never ever be the same
We must go back to the beginning
It feels like NO ONE is winning
How has this all come to be
We are NOT supposed to be enemies

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Moments in time

You realize
There are moments in time
When you have to stop
Slow down
I had that moment today
I watched you sleep so peacefully 
That spot in the bed next to you
It was calling me
So I indulged and climbed back in
Gave you a kiss
Touched your smooth skin
Breathed you in
Kissed your face
Held you close
And smiled
I AM blessed
and IN

Sunday, 2 June 2013


I lay back and relax
Floating on turquoise waters
Taking in the salty air
The sky is so blue and clear
Trials of the day just pass me by
No need to worry
No need to sigh
The hardest part is over, wow
I can relax now
Almost forgotten how
But that's okay
It comes back to me
Enjoying the breeze
The smell of the sea
I'm in paradise
I feel so free....

Claim it!

I used to cringe at cat calls
They made me feel dirty
I was a girl in a woman's body
No name, just thighs and breast
I hated that
Looks of lust from men old enough to be my dad
How do I get over that
My body is that of a woman
I can't stand it
Why is this happening to me
I'm not ready yet
How can I bury it
Comfort in the bottom of a bag of chips
And everything good that passes through my lips
I'll build up a layer of protection
Layer upon layer
Year after year
Maybe I'll disappear
This is easy
Nobody sees me
I'm invisible
It worked

I have managed to bury myself
in layers of flesh
I have created a mess
Ready for a change
No longer afraid of being a woman
And ALL it entails
I am focused
I have a vision
The body that I have managed to bury
Is ready to be exhumed
No more hiding
No more shame
It's mine and I'm staking my claim
I saw it yesterday and it still bears my name
It's not too late
I can get it back
Here's my plan of attack
Be aware of what I'm eating
and what's eating me
I'm an emotional eater
if you know what I mean
Replace lounging with activity
Focus on my dreams
Stay off the sidelines and participate
Feeling good and looking great
Motivated by the body I buried yesterday
I saw it and it still bears my name
I am ready to do the work this all entails
No giving up
No time to fail
I owe it to me

Monday, 20 May 2013

Sounds of the city

Sitting at the window
No TV or phone
Just my notebook
The sounds of the city
My window slightly open
I breath in the smells 
So different from home
Yet I feel at home
It has been raining all day
I hear the sounds of splashing puddles
Horns are honking
I savor these moments
There is a rhythm 
You just have to sit in silence
And listen

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Trip to Broadway

Standing in line
At the Stephen Sondheim
Listening to conversations behind me
Looking at women mostly
All shapes, sizes and colors
Young and trendy
Not so young and conservative
Standing there in my colors
Everyone wears BLACK here
Some people just stare
Shit, these people don't know me
I'm fascinated by what I see
A voyeurs dream
I feast on ALL the sites around me
Ladies in coats, scarfs, hats and pantyhose
Some in trousers
I'm in jeans and flip flops 
I catch a lady's eye in my bright colors
She looks at me and smiles
Wonder what she thinks
The lady behind me has on a beret 
and overcoat, extremely conservative 
She wears a press and curl
Her hair is silver and pretty
The lady in front of me is slim
In her beige pantsuit  with a natural
We are all here to see the same show
The doors open and we all go our separate ways
My seat is two rows from the stage
I love it
No flash photography
I can't capture this moment with a camera
My eye roams the theatre
My heart is racing
I love this atmosphere
More people to watch
Everyone finds their seats
I sit and look at the stage
The painted screen is beautiful
I take in every detail
No photography allowed
Photos can't capture this moment
This feeling
The smells
Sights and sounds
I savor it all
Lights go down
Curtain goes up
The show begins
I take it all in
No photography allowed
Photos can't capture this moment 
But I have my memories
and that's alright with me
My trip to Broadway

Friday, 26 April 2013


Laying on your side of the bed
Listening to the rain
The cool spring breeze blows
the smell of fresh cut grass
I breathe in
I close my eyes
Wishing you were here with me
Wanting to share this moment with you
Where are you now
Are you thinking of me
I try to sleep
But I miss your breathing
It comforts me
I'll close my eyes
And dream of your warm embrace
Your face
And breathe
Until you're home with me

Saturday, 6 April 2013


I am at peace
One with the universe
I have been on this journey before
Success came easy
It started with the first step
I have triggers
The difference is
Success is a journey
Not a race

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Romance II

She looked at him with lust in her eyes
He ran his hands softly up and down her thighs
She loved the way he made her feel with the slightest of touch
Taking it all in, she can never get enough
Licking her lips and biting her hand
She couldn't wait to have her way with her man
Slowly undressing to prolong her desire
Ready to quench this lustful fire
Hand in hand they walk into a candlelit room
Dancing slowly to a familiar tune
He gently lays her upon the bed
Kissing her softly on her fore head
He begins to undress and she has her way
They make love until the break of day...

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Safety in captivity

Sometimes I feel like captivity
Is the best place for me
Away from everything and everybody so I can't be seen
Freedom is bitter sweet, a false treat
I thought I was just having fun
Secrecy made my rendezvous so sweet
Gave me a high that couldn't be beat
But now I feel empty and lonely and blue
Tomorrow came and there was no you...