Thursday, 8 August 2013


What's the magic number
How many times do you open your heart before it breaks again
How long before your painted on smile starts to fade away
My spirit is at war when it should be at peace
The sunshine has turned into a Tropical Beast
Darkness and rain
Envy and pain
Things will never ever be the same
We must go back to the beginning
It feels like NO ONE is winning
How has this all come to be
We are NOT supposed to be enemies


  1. I co-sign this. I don't know who is causing you despair but I can truly say that I can relate. And I suspect you know that I can. Try to get to the place where this person - no matter how significant - does not have so much control over your beautiful spirit. It's a power trip. Don't take the trip with them. Don't play. xoxo

  2. Thank you Shari... Writing has become very cathartic for me... My spirit could no longer suffer in silence.