Saturday, 26 January 2013

Romance II

She looked at him with lust in her eyes
He ran his hands softly up and down her thighs
She loved the way he made her feel with the slightest of touch
Taking it all in, she can never get enough
Licking her lips and biting her hand
She couldn't wait to have her way with her man
Slowly undressing to prolong her desire
Ready to quench this lustful fire
Hand in hand they walk into a candlelit room
Dancing slowly to a familiar tune
He gently lays her upon the bed
Kissing her softly on her fore head
He begins to undress and she has her way
They make love until the break of day...

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Safety in captivity

Sometimes I feel like captivity
Is the best place for me
Away from everything and everybody so I can't be seen
Freedom is bitter sweet, a false treat
I thought I was just having fun
Secrecy made my rendezvous so sweet
Gave me a high that couldn't be beat
But now I feel empty and lonely and blue
Tomorrow came and there was no you...