Friday, 18 March 2016

Fatherly Love

Father's be kind to your daughters
You are the stewards of their hearts
The way you look at her
Receive her and
Handle her heart
Will be indelible
She will carry this with her
In her most intimate relationships
Be kind
Be mindful
She is yours to treasure
Nurture her
Protect her
Make her feel special
Help her feel secure
You are the steward of her heart
Don't break it...
You will need her someday
A broken heart
Can NOT heal a
Broken relationship.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


It’s time to put me first
What does that look like?
What does that mean, for a people pleaser?
It means saying NO to others without apology
It means saying YES to ME and MY goals
MY LIFE depends on it
I was made for greatness
I have to cultivate it
Nurture it
Recognize it
Only I can
So I DON’T feel bad about putting ME FIRST
Loving self is NOT hating others