Sunday, 2 June 2013

Claim it!

I used to cringe at cat calls
They made me feel dirty
I was a girl in a woman's body
No name, just thighs and breast
I hated that
Looks of lust from men old enough to be my dad
How do I get over that
My body is that of a woman
I can't stand it
Why is this happening to me
I'm not ready yet
How can I bury it
Comfort in the bottom of a bag of chips
And everything good that passes through my lips
I'll build up a layer of protection
Layer upon layer
Year after year
Maybe I'll disappear
This is easy
Nobody sees me
I'm invisible
It worked

I have managed to bury myself
in layers of flesh
I have created a mess
Ready for a change
No longer afraid of being a woman
And ALL it entails
I am focused
I have a vision
The body that I have managed to bury
Is ready to be exhumed
No more hiding
No more shame
It's mine and I'm staking my claim
I saw it yesterday and it still bears my name
It's not too late
I can get it back
Here's my plan of attack
Be aware of what I'm eating
and what's eating me
I'm an emotional eater
if you know what I mean
Replace lounging with activity
Focus on my dreams
Stay off the sidelines and participate
Feeling good and looking great
Motivated by the body I buried yesterday
I saw it and it still bears my name
I am ready to do the work this all entails
No giving up
No time to fail
I owe it to me


  1. Inspirational. No matter how long your journey takes, know that you are loved every step of the way in what ever shape you present to the world because at the end of the day, your heart is always visible. As always, best of luck in all endeavors. xo

  2. Thank you Shari. I appreciate your support.