Sunday, 20 March 2011


I call her my china and glass sista
The Barbizon School of modeling sista
You know the finer things in life sista
So glad she's in my life sista
My second momma
My protector
My provider
The sista that pinches the face
Of everyone in her space
The sista with every hair in place
The sista with the beautiful face
And her heart is always in the right place
When it comes to the people she loves
She goes above and beyond
Cooking and baking and sharing her food
With everyone in her hood
And damn it's always so good

This is a little something I wrote for my big sister Tracey. Tracey thank you for stepping in and helping mommy when we were little. Thanks for all the hair bows you bought from Woman's shop and all the pretty dresses for Sunday school. Thanks for the ice cream sandwiches from Mr. Twist. I love you forever <3. Asha you are blessed to have her.

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