Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Statuesque, freckled face
Woman with style and grace
Strong, fearless and bold
Enjoyed the stories she told
Of courting and dating and being in love
now she looks down from above
I often reflect on our time together
Who woulda thought I could never
Go to her with my stories of love
Hold her hand when I'd had enough
This world is crazy
I struggle at times
It's so hard and sometimes I cry
The feeling of emptiness
Without her by my side
Than I stop and pull it together
I look at her and I remember
She had her struggles and I saw her cry
But she never gave up
And worked hard to provide
A beautiful life for her boys and girls
She did it all
She showed us the world
My love of the arts and travel too
I'm living her dream
And she knew
All of her children would be okay
She cleared the path
She paved the way
Like a peacock I'm filled with pride
I have her strength and I will survive

This is dedicated to my Mother
Sylvia Aniece Burgess Place Anderson
Rest in Peace my Beautiful Queen

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