Thursday, 24 March 2011

I found....

I AM an artist
Searching for my muse
Searching for a way to express myself
Searching for a way to connect to the human spirit
I want my work to evoke emotion
To make an impact
I AM an artist
I pick up my brushes
I stretch my own canvas
I choose my colors
I am drawn to the bright ones
I AM an artist
An emotional creature
Often thinking this is a bad feature
Drowning in overwhelming emotions
Depression and defeat
I often retreat
Leaving my canvas empty
Something I do well
I found my voice
The voice of the little girl inside
Always trying to hide
Afraid of expressing herself
Feeling she's not good enough
She has emerged
She has broken from her shell
She has a voice now
She has seen a light
She has seen her womanly image
She's here now
No more retreating
She finishes
The Art she creates
When she steps to the plate
No paints or brushes
But the same emotions
She has found her voice
She has found another medium
She has found poetry
It has saved her from self destruction
It has united the girl and the woman
I found.......

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