Monday, 26 March 2012


I was seduced by the star on stage
The popular one
The one I was the least like
The one who has such a GREAT life
I was blind and naive
Thought that I needed to belong
I had to be in the CIRCLE
I found the circle is too small
There's no room for me
Not the real ME
Only what I want them to see
But I no longer feel FREE
So what GOOD is this CIRCLE
If I can't be ME
I listen to the rhetoric
I give support
I've got their back
But this is not reciprocated
Friendship built on conditions
But I'm doing ALL the giving
It's suddenly ALL clear
I have no need to be here
In this so called CIRCLE
Designed by the star on stage
But that's okay
Because I too am a star
No longer your understudy
A lesson well learned
My Star status I too have earned
But not because you validated me
It's because I finally see
Everything I thought I couldn't be
Has ALWAYS been inside of ME

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