Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Diva Blue

Goldenrod introduced me to you
My Peacock Sista
Mz. Diva Blue
I knew I would know you
I feel like I owe you
Writing is now a new passion for me
It started with "Silence" sweet tranquility
and "Utopia" and "Lovestruck" to name a few
I feel like a poet and I wanna thank you
For sharing "Blush" and your grandmothers words, "Write it all down.
You'll never know who'll read it or need it."
Those words are so true, they helped me to feel free
Free to unleash the poet in me
Getting in touch with my emotions
and feeling your spirit across the ocean
This has been a long time coming
So when I say welcome home, it rings true
I feel I've a genuine friend in you
I love you my Peacock Sista
Mz. Diva Blue

Dawny B

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