Sunday, 28 October 2012


She smiles big so no one will see the broken heart she bears

She’s cried so many tears

She’s carried painful memories for years

Dreaming of the day she will finally feel free

Happy just to BE

Stop trying to be good enough

It’s been painful and rough

When the first man you love, makes you feel you’re not good enough

Who else will give a damn

Are you worthy of a good man

When that man finally comes your way

Will you give him the time of day

Or will you make him pay

For the pain of a broken relationship

Protecting yourself from hardship

Or will you give yourself a chance

Are you able to be romanced

Let a man be a man

Let him hold your hand

Wipe away your tears

Comfort you through your fears

Stop pushing him away

He is here to stay

So please don’t make him pay

He’s a blessing in every way

He treats you like a queen

So stop being mean

Or you’ll lose the best thing you’ve ever had

Don’t make him pay for your dad

1 comment:

  1. Heartfelt and beautiful. Keep pouring yourself onto the paper. You'll never know how much it actually helps others. You are loved beyond measure.