Monday, 4 April 2011

First kiss

Her first kiss tasted like warm beer
She liked it
She wanted more
And more she got
But just a kiss
Her virginity was something she was saving
Beer tasting kisses would be the only thing she's craving

Funny thing is this first kiss
came from the guy that teased her in school
makin' fun of the big old gap in her teeth
She retaliated by makin' fun of his big old soup cooling lips
Those same lips that would someday touch hers
With the taste of warm beer
That taste she would crave

Soon an invite to his place would come
No parents just us
This was the moment of truth
Cause she knew what would happen if she
Followed through with his request
The decision was easier to make than she thought
See she had no transportation
And an invitation to "trouble"
Her answer was no
And her future calls to him went unanswered

At least a decade and a half goes by
It's a good thing she said no to his request
Cause now he has been laid to rest
Not natural causes
Or cancer
But H I V
To think that coulda been me

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