Saturday, 18 June 2011


Took a journey to the land of my father
First journey was with my mother
Celebrating another Matriarch in the family
Took me on another journey
This time with my father
This was the first time I traveled with him
Back to the land of his birth
What a moving experience
He is 80 years old and we are celebrating his sister's 90th birthday
For the first time I see him as a boy
Looking up to his sister with pride, love and joy
My heart can't contain the emotions I feel
Everything about it seems so surreal
I am aware this is very rare
The presence of those who have passed are near
Generations of family from near and far
Have come to celebrate the lady of the hour
But I can't take my eyes off daddy
Beaming with love, pride and joy
This makes me happy
This celebration means so many things
But for me it means
Letting go of anger, resentment and pain
Looking at him I will never see him the same
Today I was humbled and touched to the core
I harbor anger, resentment and pain no more
You see tomorrow is not promised to us
So letting go of anger, resentment and pain is a must
Today I saw a sparkle in his eyes
Today the spirit of forgiveness resides
Today I not only celebrated 90 years of life
Today I celebrated what it is like
To see a man as a boy humbled and broken
Looking to his sister with love and pride unspoken
I can take a deep breath and let it all go
Tears from the past begin to flow
and wash away all that I held onto
No more anger, resentment and pain we're through

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