Friday, 7 October 2011

Who will hear my cry?

Who will hear my cry?

Little girl with a heart that is broken
Holding it together and no words are spoken
Mislabelled and misunderstood
No one knows what's going on in her hood
Dealing with the separation of mommy and daddy
Addition and subtraction seem so petty
No one to talk to
Who will see her point of view
There's more to this child
Beyond her forced smile
Did anyone bother
to ask her mother
Has something changed ?
Is everything ok ?
That just didn't happen back in the day
Her struggles would haunt her for many years
Fueled by anger, frustration, and fears
Determined to be more than what you see
Her purpose is clear
That little girl is free
Free to move on and get educated
To be the voice for the next generation
Of mislabelled  boys and girls
She will be the light in their darkened world
A voice of encouragement and nurturing too
She will embrace them in ALL they go through
Developing trust through test after test
She molds them and helps them to do their best
And see the endless things they can do
When she understands them and the trials they go through
A voice of reason, a cheerleader too
cheering them on
Helping them through
Many of them have graduated
And are college educated
Willing and ready to show the world
When you help the mislabelled boys and girls
They can have a brighter future
They just need to be nurtured

This is dedicated to my SHERO Shawnette Anderson DeRosa para-educator in the Bermuda Public School.
I have seen you go through many trials and triumphs and tears of frustration and pride. You are on the right path, you are and will continue to be a GREAT educator. The students that you have and will continue to embrace, nurture and encourage are blessed. Thank you for inspiring me.

Thank you to all the PARA-EDUCATORS, who in my opinion are the UNSUNG heroes, because of you children have an advocate and extra support, YOU ARE VALUABLE and APPRECIATED. THANK YOU!!!!

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