Saturday, 19 December 2015


You make me smile
Inspire me
Make me feel free
I find my creativity
Fresh air
Not a care
Sandy feet
Cool water

Dawny B

1 comment:

  1. Slowly
    Undress me

    Remove each piece of my clothing
    But don’t you dare stop there

    I’m anxious for you to
    Unwrap me.
    But you stare at my black brief underwear,
    then stand back and take in my almost nakedness.
    “Tell me I am all that you've come to expect...”

    Do you see what you Like, Want, Need, Desire, Crave And Even feign?

    Or is there something more
    Beyond the compelling heat of my thick flesh
    That you’d like me to reveal.
    Looking at me intently like there
    will never be another man for you.
    “Yes Baby, it’s me. I’m here with a love that's true
    No need to wonder... 'cause now the waiting's through.
    Step on up, make it do what it do.

    Know that I'll tend to your every want, wish and need
    Show you passions power and carnal intrigue
    I’m more than ready to be the man you know as lover
    and then soon you'll discover
    You'll never want for any other
    I'm here, it's yours, no fabric to cover...

    I want to be the only thing your eyes can see
    I’m going to give it to you real, raw and tenderly

    I will please you with
    My mind
    And now every inch of my body

    I want to plant a million kisses
    Touch you everywhere; there will be no misses
    in special places where others can only dream
    Your secret spots are mine no one else has ever seen
    And in your bliss you'll know, exactly what I mean
    As you moan, shiver, and quake
    Your whole body will seem to scream
    we both need to be free
    I want to you to feel all of me
    Your brown eyes piercing wantonly
    Straight through to the soul of me
    Knowing now it is our time
    Our lustful needs to intertwine.

    Like a cool autumn breeze blowing gently off the sea
    my entire being is alive needing you to set it free
    I want and need you to see and feel all of me
    when we travel with pleasure the path of ecstasy
    where lust turns into a passionate flame
    And in carnal bliss you scream out my name...

    And I yell yours 'cause I need to be
    Deep inside you... churning the storm
    Transforming intimate into nasty
    Sexy, dirty, kinky and down right freaky
    Ready to give you great pleasure
    Joy beyond measure.
    We both can see
    your need for a taste of the pleasure tree
    You know; just between you and me
    Coming together connecting as “WE”

    I'll take you from the kitchen
    to the bathroom
    to the bedroom
    explore you at midnight... Perhaps, the balcony
    Or maybe on a blanket outside on the grass
    under the moonlit sky so sensual and vast
    We'll even take advantage of the living room floor
    As we sex in sweat, longing for just one more.

    Feel free to release on me your passions to explore
    Orgasm after orgasm I want your bliss to soar
    And when you heave, shake and can handle no-more
    you’ll know that you've been loved to you very core
    and then I'll let you rest
    So you can undress...
    Once more...