Sunday, 31 July 2011

Outside "THE" Clique

Outside "THE" Clique

Reality check chick
You were always last to be picked
What made you think you were part of THE clique
Seems nothing's changed since your high school days
So stop walkin' around in a haze

Reality check chick
You'll never be the first choice
So stop and listen to your inner voice
The voice that's always true
and an indicator of what you'll go through

Reality check chick
When you put people up high
And make them soar in the sky
Don't be surprised when they walk on by
And never look you in the eye

Reality check chick
Too old to go through this shit
So learn your lesson
And no more guessin'
Cause cliques exists for certain chicks
And you my friend ARE OUTSIDE THE CLIQUE!!!!!

*This note is dedicated to the kids who have ever been teased, bullied, pick last for the team, excluded from the "in" crowd and made to feel like a nonentity, IT GETS BETTER!!!!* When and only when you realize that you are valuable because of who you are, not who you know, what you earn or where you live. Value of self can not be defined by outside influences and "stuff", but by your terms only.*

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