Friday, 18 April 2014

Sister to Sister

It is fair for me to assume
because you're a size two
You have no health issues
What do you see
When looking at me
Do you assume that I am jolly
Is it okay for me to surmise
Because you're the right size
Your struggles are not valid or real
When you look at me
With my rolls of fat
How does it make you feel
Is it utter disgust
Do you assume that I must
Just eat and eat all day
You might be surprised
That I realize it's not healthy to be this way
My struggle is clear
I've dealt with it for years
Yet I can positively say
I'm loving the skin
That I'm currently in
because I am well on my way
To getting healthy and lean
and I don't want to be mean
To my sisters who don't fight the same fight
My wish for you
Is that you are healthy too
and we can be in the same room
Without judging so fast
or walking right pass
without a kind word to say
Both our battles are real
and there's no need to feel
That you're better or worse in some way
Let us be kind
And bear in mind
That there's more than what you see
Whether it's putting on weight
or struggling with self hate
We ALL just want to be happy.

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